Several AF2011-A1 models have been announced.  This page will keep up with the different models so you have a understanding of the versions of this double barrel pistol that are on the market.

Standard AF2011-A1

AF2011A1 pictureThe standard, or first generation, AF2011-A1 pistol is a double barrel handgun based on the venerable Colt 1911 handgun.  It is chambered in .45 ACP and comes with either two independent triggers or two triggers than have been permanently attached so that they fire at the same instant.

The gun uses a custom frame, slide and other parts.  However, many of the internal AF2011-A1 parts are interchangeable with off-the-shelf 1911 parts.

The magazines are standard body 1911 mags that are attached by a single floorplate.  Standard springs and followers are used.

.38 Super AF2011-A1

The original AF2011-A1 was in .45 ACP.  Arsenal Firearms announced that a .38 Super version of the pistol will also be available in 2012.  This gun will mirror the .45 version of the pistol in every way except caliber.

Mix Calibre AF2011-A1

This may be the most interesting version of the pistol conceived.  In the “Mix-Calibre” AF2011-A1, the pistol will have one half of the gun chambered in .45 ACP, and the other half chambered in .38 Super.  It is unknown how this will affect accuracy since the two cartridges are very different in bullet mass, velocity and flight.

Long Slide AF2011

The long slide version of this handgun is not expected on the market until some time in 2013.  According to the company, this version of the pistol will be different from the “A1” model.  It is possible this will be designated the AF2011-A2, but nothing official has been announced.


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