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Arsenal Firearms Strike 1

In addition to the AF2011, Arsenal Firearms is producing a polymer pistol called the Strike 1.  The new gun is Glock-like, but with some definite differences.  It has a very low bore, which should do a lot to reduce recoil and muzzle flip.

Arsenal Firearms Strike 1


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AF2011-A1: More Information

I found some additional information on the Arsenal Firearms AF2011-A1 over at  They have quite a few people discussing the gun in their comments section.  Some of the people see the real genius in the double barrel pistol design, while others are nothing more than AF2011-A1 haters.  Feel free to leave your comments here and to wade into the discussion there.

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AF2011-A1 Specifications

The currently published specifications of the AF2011-A1 are now up (under the tab “specifications”.)

I went ahead and converted all of the metric measurements to conventional English measurements for all of my US readers.  I think I got them all right, but if anyone catches a mistake, please leave a comment and I will immediately fix it!

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AF2011 Videos

We’ve added three new AF2011-A1 videos to the site.  As you might guess, they are under the tab “video.”  Click there and watch the videos.

If you have your own videos you would like to share, please let us know!  We would be happy to post them.

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The AF2011-A1 Pistol

Welcome to (currently!) the only site on the internet dedicated to the Arsenal Firearms AF2011-A1 pistol.  We will be bringing you all of the latest news and information on the new double barrel pistol including photos, videos and more.

The navigation bar at the top of the page will take you to all of the static pages holding reference information on these pistols.  This blog section will have updates and other information on the AF2011-A1 handguns.  As new models roll out, we will have all of the information!

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